Gumtree connects over 7 million Australians every month. Thirty-Five percent of the Australian digital population visited Gumtree by August 2016 according to a report from Nielsen. Forty-Eight percent of the audience on GumTree are males while the remaining Fifty-Two are females. With such good reach, it makes sense for businesses to be seen on GumTree. Whether you are a recruiter, employer or a  business who wants to have ads placed on this site, it is a viable, cost effective solution to grow your business.

So how do you advertise your business and get clients from Gum Tree?

Run Multiple ads

Every marketing professional knows the importance of A/B testing. Since GumTree offers free classified ad space, it would make sense to play with your ad copy till you find out which are the ones that get you enough no of hits.

Let us face it – this platform is free and obviously crowded. There are umpteen no of people who are trying to promote their business and competition is clearly stiff. The only way to stand out of the crowd is to create eye catchy ads. There is a science behind eye-catching advertisements.

The three things that matter the most in your ad are

  • The Headline
  • The Body
  • The Call to Action

Sell your ad in the headline, create a sense of urgency in the body copy and get them to click on your ad with the call to action.

Always state what is in for your client in your ad copy. If you are a fitness expert and your focus is to lose weight, your ad copy should say ‘Lose 5Kgs in 90 days’ and ‘Get fit in 90 days with your personal health trainer’. By running two ads at the same time, you will be able to see which ad performs better. It is important, to be honest and transparent and that is the only way to create a sense of reliability.

Paid ads work

Although Gumtree is a free classified listing site, one way to stand out of the crowd is by placing your ad right on top of the search bar. Unlike traditional advertising like newspaper and radio, the cost for advertising on GumTree is marginal. It would be advisable to run one paid ad along with multiple free classified listings. More the ads, more the exposure and higher the chance for people to get in touch with you to use your services

Think beyond the ad

So you have crafted a compelling ad that you think will work. You ran multiple ads and have also put up a paid ad to see which will give your results. Great! Now what? You want people to click on your ad and take action.

Where are you taking them? Will they be visiting your website when they click on your call to action button? Would be they taken to a landing page?

What would you like them to see? When they have come to your website or landing page, what details are you providing to make them really interested in your product or service?

What is the carrot you have to offer? Everyone loves deals and offers. The Fear of Missing out (FOMO) is a real syndrome. Can you capitalise on that with a compelling offer?

If they show interest, how do you convert this visitor into a customer? Think about where you can lead this prospective buyer. Can you take them to a payment page? Would you like them to share their contact details so that you can connect with them again?

If they do not show interest and wants to leave your page? Is there a way to make them think about the awesome offer you have? Can you show an exit pop up with an additional deal to sweeten the offer?

How can you retarget these visitors? Collect the email address so that you can communicate with them again.

Could you lure them by offering an additional bait? Email an awesome offer that is time-bound or has limited numbers to get them excited?

Timing is everything

If you are a flower company, create ads the last week of Valentine’s day to attract customers and last minute shoppers. If you sell gift vouchers, target important Festivals such as Christmas and New Year. People are online looking for last minute shopping and being seen at the right time will help you sell your product or service fast.

Not all product/service has to be cheap

A lot of people have told me that people who visit gumtree are looking for the cheapest possible option online. That is not true in all cases. It is imperative that you price your product or service right but what is equally important is to create a sense of worth for what you have to offer so that the price you quote is justified. If you sell a service like SEO and SEM, for example, you can throw in one week of free Facebook advertisements for customers who sign up for your service. If the pricing is justified by the potential value you will be able to bring by effective copy and communication, it is possible to sell on GumTree like a pro.

How many of you have used Gumtree for businesses? What has been your experience so far? Have you managed to get leads generated or have you been able to close deals? Let me know.