If you want to learn marketing, you can take a lesson or two from Kim Kardashian herself. This reality star came into limelight in the year 2007 with the television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In the last ten years Kim has become an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author having touched upon various verticals ranging from food, clothes, beauty and even computer games! She is a walking brand and she knows how to market herself.

You can like her, you can hate her but you can’t ignore her and her social media presence is spellbinding. In the last ten years she has gone to prove to the world that she is more than a pretty face. Kim, we believe you and for all the good reasons! What can this reality star teach you about social media? Plenty.

Lesson no 1 – Diversify

From reality TV, her own fragrance, launch of a health drink to a fashion clothing line, Kim has been doing a range of different things. She went to make $51million in the year 2015 from her various business ventures. For the ones who said she has no talent, she has defenitely smacked eggs on their faces.

Sharing her cover story that got featured in Forbes magazine on her various social media platforms, the businesswoman poked fun of those who made fun of her with the writing: “#NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent”.

Be like Kim on social media. Create posts, infographics, share press stories, interview people, get interviewed, write case studies and more. When you try a range of things, you will know what works for your brand.

Lesson 2 – Be actively involved

The beauty about this star is the commitment she has to social media. She is human and like all of us, there are good days and bad days. But Kim hasn’t for once let her mood stand in front of her involvement in social media. She has a team that has crafted a clear cut strategy on how and where to position her on Social Media and that has worked brilliantly so far. When you choose to work on a certain social media platform, give it all you got. You need to have a strategy before you start working on any of the channels. Stay active, respond to queries, ask questions and establish yourself or your brand as someone who is approachable and is willing to participate

Did You Know?

In May 2015, Kardashian released a portfolio book called ‘Selfish’, a 325-page collection of self-taken photos of herself

Lesson 3 – Create high engagement with compelling pictures

We all know that pictures on social media creates high engagement than posts without them. According to Hubspot research, 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. Her bareback photograph went viral in social media.


15.9 million views in one day, compared with 25,000 views on an average day

This was an attempt for Kim to stay relevant and keen the buzz on. We would call it an awareness campaign for her brand. This publicity stunt got the attention the makers (Paper’s Magazine) were looking for. It set a new benchmark in social media. A whopping 15.9 million views for the Paper’s website in one day compared to 25,000 views on an average day. Another photo that did the rounds was her kissing picture with Kanye West at the Cannes Festival. Kim also involves her family in social media and allows readers to engage and discuss about them. Be it a family portrait or with her sisters, there’s always some interesting pictures to look forward to from Kim.

Did You Know?

In December 2015, Kardashian released an emoji pack for IOS devices called Kimoji. The paid app became a top earner for Apple, becoming one of the top 5 most bought apps that week.

Lesson 4 – Create compelling messages and know how to position them

Kim often writes about Fashion and shares content relevant to that industry. For someone who has her own clothing line, it is important to be seen as a fashion expert. Being part of conversations that involve fashion and latest trends has put her up in the game and if lifestyle journalists want to ask fashion diva’s their opinion on a latest trend, they do turn to Kim. She is also witty with her replies and her tweets are pretty engaging to follow. The one time when Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted about Kim’s nude selfie, Kim’s response was hilarious.

Know what your brand stands for and create content that are relevant to your industry. Be seen as a thought leader by writing blogs, articles and contributing guest stories about your domain. Share all of them on social media and generate increased amount of reach.

Lesson 5 – Use Help

Kris Jenner is Kim’s Mom and her Business Manager. Her smart association with E! shot Kim to fame. Being aligned with a brand like E!, Kim has positioned herself right in the middle of Lifestyle and Entertainment, where she actually wants to be seen. Therefore she has been able to branch out into different verticals such as jewellery, cosmetics, fitness, shoes to apparel.

Just like Kim, it is important to take help in managing social media. Her team has been doing a fabulous job in keeping her active and relevant to her business on all platforms. Work with a digital marketing agency that understand your goals and is able to shoot you to fame. If you need help, get in touch with us 🙂

Lesson  – It is all about priorities

Despite being a celebrity who has her hands into multiple things, her family comes as priority. Kim chooses what her focus should be and lets other manage the things she doesn’t want to do. Being Kim comes with a lot of advantage and we are sure that a celebrity like her can have a team working on multiple facets of Marketing.

If you are a smaller company with limited resources, try and prioritise the channel you want to utilise and be seen on Social Media. You cannot have presence on 10 plus channels and not be active on them. Based on your priorities, you need to identify and choose the channels that are relevant to your business.

Be it lucrative product endorsement deals, reality shows, beauty cosmetic line, jewellery line called Kardashian Kollection or a boutique store, Kim has monetised her fame better than any other in Social Media. Be like Kim and take advantage of social media this year 🙂