, the online classifieds, and community website is the place to go to, if you want to sell your car, bike, furniture and pretty much anything that you don’t need anymore. This classified ad’s message board has more than two million items for sale and advertises more than 150,000 services! It also receives over 38.5 million visits a month

Launched in 2007, Gumtree connects over 4.5 million Australians every month to buy, sell and find anything in their local community. The reach your product gets is far higher than even newspaper ads for literally no cost.

Every Australian must have used Gumtree at some point in their life. If you haven’t it’s time to check out this awesome site.

With so many visitors, you have the potential of reaching your buyer real fast. At the same time, when every third Australian wants to sell on GumTree how do you make your ad stand out?  Here are 8 ways to make your ad stand out in GumTree and sell your product real quick.

Play with words

Given that not everyone can be a skilled copywriter and by the way, a good copywriter makes a lot of money! (just saying). The point I am trying to make is that, over thousands of people are trying to sell their item in a boring, old-fashioned, drab way. Why not make your description a bit quirky?

Ok. I am not saying you should advertise to hire a midget to kick your ex on her shin. But the ad is funny and definitely grabs some attention.

Use real pictures

Buyers want to see what you are actually selling. Stock photos are a NO NO. If you are selling an Ikea cabinet, using a photograph from Ikea’s website is not a good idea. Instead, snap a picture of the actual cabinet used in your house or office. When buyers see a real photograph, it makes them shortlist or get in touch with you.

It is absolutely free to advertise on Gumtree and sell your items. However, if you choose you can pay a small amount to ensure that your product remains at the top of the page for buyers to see.

Use Keywords

A simple search for Bunk Bed as you can see can show multiple results in the search option. Bunk bed can be under the bed, furniture, dresses, and drawers or more. When you choose a category to display your item, use the relevant keyword in the text. That way, when someone is looking for a product you are selling, your result shows up.

Be Reachable

What is the point of putting an ad when buyers can’t reach you? Gumtree allows buyers to get in touch with you using an email form. The other option is to provide your number so they can call or SMS to get in touch with you directly. If your intention is to sell, make yourself available and easily reachable. Let your buyer get to you through the phone.

Be Flexible

It would be good to be flexible in taking offers from your potential buyer rather than sticking to your price. Gumtree allows sellers to have a conversation with potential buyers.  Some buyers may be willing to pay the price you’ve set, while others may want to negotiate.If you are flexible on your price, write ‘negotiable’ in your ad description. It helps the buyers who are interested but find the price a bit high to get in touch with you. On the other hand, if you are not willing to bring down your price, say ‘Not negotiable’ in the ad copy. Gets rid of the ones who find your price high immediately.

Repost your Ad

For a community as big as gumtree, it would come as no surprise that your ad would disappear in the listing with new ad being posted every minute. It would be wise to repost your ad, if possible every day. Try and post the ad at different timings everyday to see which day gives you a better reach. Make a copy of the ad and save it in your computer That way, it would only be a copy and paste job and would save you a lot of time from composing it all over again.

Post Multiple Ads

What if you could post multiple ads of the same item with different copy and different angle shots of the product? This is the basic concept of probability. A good testing method to see which ad of yours is getting maximum clicks.

Use the Gumtree app

We don’t have time to go back and sit down in front of our desktop to check the ad every day. People are on the move and with the help of the app you can post, repost the ad and chat/talk with your potential buyer easily.

How do you sell using Gumtree and what has worked for you till date? I am curious. Let me know.