Content Marketing – Do’s & Don’ts

Did you know that over 200 million people use ad blockers? Which means, your placed ads will not even reach them. Content writing, on the contrary, is a far more viable approach to reach your audience.


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If you are struggling with your content marketing efforts and have not been able to see results as anticipated, you are obviously doing something wrong. Before we find out what mistakes of yours are causing irrevocable losses, it is important as a marketer to understand that, it is alright to fail.

YES! Failure is ok as it provides valuable insights on what went wrong and why!

However, if we don’t learn from our mistakes and find a recourse to our existing strategy, there is no going anywhere. Any successful marketer will tell you that they have failed. Think about Drew Hendricks, Mary Long, Matt Wayne, Ann Smarty or Neil Patel.Image result for Content Marketing - Do’s & Don’tsThey have all failed enough number of times to learn from the mistakes they have made. That makes them who they are today.

Content Marketing = Blog.

WRONG. If you believe that by creating a blog page, writing relevant content that you think your readers might find useful, embellishing them with pretty pictures and publishing them will get your company visible out there in the digital space, you are mistaken. Content Marketing is more than blogging. In fact, blogging forms just one part of Content Marketing.

Writing Content without a Strategy

It is imperative to have a content calendar plan in place even before you write your first article. A calendar brings in discipline and organises the way content is created and distributed. Given that creating a content calendar can be time-consuming and would take in a lot of effort. However, here’s the good news. There are enough online sources that provide free templates that you can download and start right away.

Ignoring KeyWords

Let us imagine that you are standing blindfolded, with a bow and arrow in your hand. You are supposed to aim at your target and shoot but hey, where would you aim? That is what you are doing writing content without looking at the keywords of your business.
By now, you should have a set of primary and secondary keywords and each article of yours must include 4 to 5 of them at least. Don’t go overboard and stuff with keywords. But make your content is relevant to the readers and your business with important keywords that you wish to rank.
Visual idea – Increase brand recall. Increase awareness

Writing Content your readers care about

This is one of the biggest mistake content writers do. If you think of a topic and want to write about it, great! But hold your horses for a minute, see if your reader or your potential customer will be interested in that topic and then go about creating content.Image result for Content Marketing - Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t go about boasting what you are good at! That is hard selling. Content Marketing is just the opposite of that. Instead provide value. Imagine you are a florist. You can write blogs on topics such as- Simple Hacks to take care of your plants even when you are away on a holiday. Roses – Best Gift to give your Valentine this February!
These topics are relevant to your business and would interest your potential customer as well.

Timing is Everything

The beauty of Content Creation is that a well-thought, well-written post, that provides value to your reader has a high chance of going viral. Your content can go viral if it has the following ingredients.
1. Curiosity
2. Relevance
3. Timing
4. Emotional connect

Like I said earlier, If you post about roses as a great gift for Valentine’s day in the month of August, it makes no sense! If you post the same article a day or two before Valentine’s day, I am sorry to say that you have indeed missed the boat. Timing is crucial in Content Marketing and posted at the right time, your content can go to places.

Sticking to a routine

I repeat, Content Marketing is not about creating blogs alone. The world is getting creative, and the ones who are able to adapt to the change are those who will succeed. In order to get your content noticed, you need to do things differently. You can write plain blogs, content with images, content with videos, cartoon depictions, infographics and more! Remember, the more creative you are, the higher your chances are to get noticed.

Headlines sell

Imagine you are writing an article on a weight loss pill. You have two headline options.

This miracle pill will help you lose 10Kgs in 2 months, guaranteed.
Buy ‘’ABC weight loss pill’’ to begin your weight loss journey.

Which headline will get you clicks? The first one of course. A good headline will make your reader want to know what you have to say. It builds in a curiosity factor. It also connects with them on an emotional level. Focus on creating headlines that would stick to your readers.

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Write on topics that are trending

The Marketing team should not only focus on their products and service, but also on what is happening with the industry. If you are a Financial Institution, you can write an article on how the change in Presidency in the USA will have an impact on stocks and where your customers should focus on investing today. Your readers might find that interesting. Pick up news and articles that are trending and draw parallels to your business. This will help you to produce content that can get more reach.

Don’t write for writing’s sake

If you have a calendar that you follow and you ran out of ideas, do not write an article for the sake of writing. If your article is not relevant, adds no value, doesn’t resonate with your readers, and does not have the quality keyword, then you are doing two things:

1. Wasting your time &
2. Killing the value of your brand

Every article you post must be well researched and should be relevant to your end user.

Not using Social Media to propel your content

You have followed all of the above and have created some kick-ass content. Brilliant. What next? Getting your content in front of readers! You can share your content in relevant groups on Facebook that have a solid member base. You can also write to publications and share your story. If they find the article newsworthy, they will pick it up!. List your story in top article directories, create a powerpoint of the story and submit in various submission sites. Share them via email to your subscribers, help readers who have questions in forums by sharing your article and more.
The more you spread the word, the more eyeballs you reach.

Trying to do it all by yourself.

Content marketing is a time-consuming process because it is more than just curating content. It is advisable for companies that do not have a large marketing team to outsource content marketing to a digital agency. The beauty of working with agencies is that they are great storytellers, are metrics driven and have immense experience, thanks to working with different clients and different industries.Image result for Content Marketing
The time and effort that you have to put in may not be worth it. While the agency will curate and promote your content through various channels, you can focus on building your business and generating revenue.
What are your biggest mistakes in Content Marketing? What has worked for you so far? Write to us and I would be happy to share with my readers.