Selling in Facebook groups is quickly becoming the next big thing. With over 1.9 Billion active users, this platform is the place to go to if you want to sell anything! Who doesn’t want to de-clutter their space? There will always be something you don’t need anymore and the space these little knick knacks occupy in the house is not a joke. Thanks to Facebook selling groups, it has now become easy to dispose of items you don’t need anymore and earn some cash while doing it. When I say, it is as simple as a click, upload and sell!. While there are platforms like E-Bay to sell items, remember that they charge 10% of the total transaction value plus additional postage charges while Selling on Facebook is absolutely free! With so many locals groups around you, it is easy to find buyers who might want to pick up your stuff.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right? 🙂

If you have never sold using Facebook groups or have sold a few times, this article serves as a quick guide on how to do it right to make you sell items like a pro.

Take nice pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words and they make the first impression of the product you are trying to sell. If you are selling your car, take pictures of it during the day time. Cover as many angles as possible to help buyers get an overall view. If you are selling a dress, ensure that the dress is hung using a hanger or placed neatly on a surface. Mention product sizes. Daytime pictures are better than evening shots. Take both close-ups and far away shots. More pictures, the better. It helps your buyer get a feel of the product before he hits the ‘message sender’ button.

Write an elaborate description

While pictures are important for buyers to decide to buy from you, it is equally important to know what you are selling as the touch and feel element is missing in online sales. Be as descriptive as possible. If your item needs movers or extra help, mention that prior. This would help the buyer plan accordingly. In the example below, the seller has shared the size of the sofa as well. As a buyer, it helps me plan if the sofa would fit in my apartment or not! Why waste time calling for more details. Elaborate description filters out a lot of questions that would make you go back and forth.

Be honest and transparent

Yes, the agenda is to get rid of the extra stuff at home. But do it nicely. Honest description of the product will help you close the deal although there may be few buyers getting in touch with you. Dishonest descriptions may momentarily give you a lot of leads which will not convert. If what they see is not what they get when they come over to get the product, you have wasted your time, effort and so of the buyers. If you are selling a gently used dress, be honest about it. If your sofa needs upholstering, mention that in your description. Supporting documents such as invoices, warranty cards add a lot of value to the product you are selling. You can even put up a picture of it in your post.

Read group rules

These groups are managed by people like you and me. Therefore the rules of each group will be different. Join as many groups as possible in your area. However, read the rules before posting your item on sale. It would also be good to mention in the group that you have put up this post in other groups as well.

Post during weekdays

This is a hack I have learned after selling over hundreds of items online. We are working professionals and generally wait for the weekend to get some free time to do such posts. If everyone thinks like this, what happens to the group’s news feed? It gets cluttered with hundreds of people trying to sell their item and the probability of your post moving down all the way is high. Instead, post in the evenings of a weekday. There shall be fewer posts and your item gets noticed easily.

Price it right

If all of the above is taken care of and your pricing is way off, it is not going to be easy to sell. You will be wondering what you did wrong that no one wants to pick up the item you listed. Before putting up your product for sale, do a little bit of research. See how others have priced their product. Selling items at par with the market rate will help you close the deal sooner.

Mark items as sold

Once the sale is complete, it is important to mark the item as sold. Else people will look at your post and connect with you for more details. It takes away their time and yours.

Safety First – do not disclose your address for pick up

As much as the online world has given us the freedom and the benefit to connect with people and sell our products, it comes with a fair share of issues as well. Remember that not everyone across that computer screen may have the best interest and it is safer not to divulge too much information about yourself during the process of a sale. It would be best not to share your exact address in any of the posts.

Deliver the product in a public place

Given the choice between delivery or pick up, it is easy for a seller to choose the latter and why not – it reduces the hassle of going to deliver your item. Think again. Not everyone is a rotten egg but why create an opportunity to share your home details to a stranger? Choosing a common place to deliver the item is safer and you can collect cash on delivery too.