What if I told you that you can quite easily attract potential visitors who are looking for your product or service, to your business?

Welcome to Lead Generation!

Whether you are a small or a medium sized business, if or not you have a marketing team to support you, lead generation is possible. Inbound marketing is relevant and way better than a cold call.

Imagine getting a call on a Friday afternoon from a telemarketer who is trying to sell you a new credit card. You are not looking for a credit card and you are aware that your contact details are sold to a company. You politely decline and go back to what you were doing. The call was frustrating! Instead, imagine if you get a call from a telemarketer who is interested to talk to you about your last investment and how a new scheme will help you double up your interest revenue. Are you interested? Yes. Inbound marketing is about driving relevant leads to you instead of you shooting an arrow in the dark.

Here are Six ways you generate quality leads to your business and some of them won’t cost you much.


If you are not optimizing your website for search, you are losing tons of business. When someone is looking for a product or service that you sell, imagine your website popping up in the search result, right on top. They are going to click on your website and look at the item they came searching for. It is important to have your website optimised for search. If you want to know basics of SEO, this is a great guide to start with. Websites that make it to the first page of Google spend considerable amount of time in researching and finalising on the keywords they would like to rank for. Why is it important? Keywords are the building blocks of SEO. That combined with link building within your website will make your website content a lead generating machine. Here are some of the things you can do to make your SEO efforts effective for lead generation.

Identify Relevant Keywords

Use a Long Tail Keywords

Make your website responsive

Optimise Images

Do Guest Posting

Use Alt tags for images

Work on your website speed

Spy on competition

Want to know which is the best SEO plugin for your WordPress website? Here is a good article that describes the different features between YOAST v/s All in One SEO to help you decide.


They say content is King and it is for all the right reasons. People follow you and read your blog if they think you are a marketer leader in a specific vertical. Blogging regularly and producing relevant and fresh content is also good for SEO.

Businesses that blog regularly receive 97% more links to their site.

Blogs are a great platform to generate leads. Your prospect is already there, reading your content. All you need to do now is to get their contact information so that you can continue dialogue. Here are 3 things you can have in your blog to generate leads.

Landing Pages

Unless you have your prospects contact information, it would be impossible to communicate with them. If you are a software company and have a blog on the review of different software products, when a prospect is reading your blog, show a landing page which offers a free trial period of your software for 30 days in exchange for their email address. Once you have the email address, it is easier to set messages relevant to your business, over a period of time to eventually turn them into your customer.

Good landing pages have

  • A Clear call to action
  • An exciting offering for the prospect
  • Strong visual
  • Less Clutter and
  • Assurance (be it in the form of testimonials or brand you have worked with to bring in a sense of confidence)
  • A sense of urgency

Free content

Hubspot, Kissmetrics, Co-Schedule and a host of other websites that produce quality blogs offer free downloadable content in exchange for an email. Great way to collect leads.

Exit Pop ups

After reading your blog content, your prospect is about to leave your website. Give them a last chance to avail something valuable before he goes. An exit pop up is a great way to make your prospect stop and think. E-commerce websites use this beautifully. Have you noticed that, when you add few items to your cart and decide to exit the page without making a purchase for whatever reason, a pop up appears either reminding you to complete the purchase or something to the effect of how sorry they feel that you have to leave? Emotional connect my friend!

Referral Marketing

Did you know that 65% of new business comes from referrals?

Loyal customers are your best salespeople. “It is very powerful to have your customers sell for you and it offers more credibility than any sales person you could ever employ.

A referral is 71% more likely to purchase your product or service than someone you have marketed to.

Dropbox went from 100,000 users to 4 million in 15 months with a referral program.

So how do you make your referral program a roaring success?

Have a catchy headline

Make your program relevant

Reward for every referral

Using stunning visuals

Automate a Thank you response

Make the referral program shareable

Here are a list of referral lead generation sites you can use to create your own referral program.






Tap into Social Media

Social media is more than brand building. It is a great place to engage with your audience and also, to listen to them. Using brand mentions and hashtags, pry on your competition to see what customers are actually talking about. Find their pain points and create social media messages about your product or service that actually solves the customer’s problem. Create engaging posts around it and share them in the form of gated content. When your prospects click on your posts, ask for their contact information in exchange for the full content access, Here, you have a lead. 

Another interesting way to generate leads using social media is to run competitions. Hootsuite ran content with the hashtag #Hootsuite4Life, which offered existing customers and non-users a chance at winning a lifetime subscription of Hootsuite Pro in exchange for filling out a form and tweeting about the contest. They tapped into their existing customers contacts by sharing the content on social media.


  1. Make your content shareable

  2. Ask existing customers to like, retweet, share on their social media pages in exchange for a reward

  3. Offer Free Samples

  4. Use Social Media advertising to promote your posts ( It is far cheaper than running google adwords)

  5. Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are three great platforms to generate leads for your business. Twitter cards, Facebook ads are a good place to start with.

Are your ready to generate more leads for your business? If you need help in generating leads, I would be happy to help. Send me a shout!