If there are three dangerous lines in SEO, this would be it

  • Cheap SEO service
  • Affordable SEO service
  • Low-Cost SEO service

The moment you hear these terms from digital marketing agencies or service providers, RUN. As tempting as it may sound to get SEO services at a low cost, you are not adding any value to your company or brand. In fact, using suppliers who guarantee good SEO results at such low price are the ones who either do not know how SEO or works or are keen to take you on a jolly ride. Do not ride along.

Can you find an SEO expert who can “SEO your website” for $49/month? Sure you can.

Will you get results from such SEO efforts? No.

Will you be risking your company, brand and the overall health of your business? Absolutely.

Will you burn your fingers and then look for real experts who do not come cheap? Definitely.

Have you heard of the saying – An expert seems expensive until you hire an amateur.

That holds true when it comes to doing SEO for your website.

Remember – Good SEO will not come cheap. Why?

Spending less —> fewer results

Yes, it is true. You can’t do much without money. SEO cannot be done by one person unless you find someone who is good with code AND can write kick-ass content. Am I saying there aren’t people who do that? NO. There are but they are less in number and come expensive. Reason? They know their value and what they can bring to your company if you partner with them.

Other cases are when SEO company uses multiple resources. A developer will do actions like keyword research, page-level optimization etc which calls for a technical expertise. For content building, another person comes on board.

The two biggest drivers of growth for any website are content and backlinks. These two activities are the most capital-intensive.

When you choose an affordable SEO company, they will not have enough capital to

Create compelling, quality content

Spend time for link building – Yes, this is effort intensive

Spend money on placements – unfortunately, not all the free sites provide good quality backlink

End result?

Low-quality content which does not get indexed in google and push your website up in rank


Black hat techniques to show the client some result that will backfire and get your website penalized.

So why should your company avoid cheap SEO services?

No gain in the long run

Unlike paid advertising, you will not be able to see instant results in SEO. Building a website in an SEO friendly way takes time. It takes effort, resources, great content that readers want to read that will make google show you up in the search results. None of this is possible when you use cheap r affordable services. Cheap services choose low-quality tactics and gray hat SEO techniques to bump up your search result – read as fancy presentation at the end of the month showing a spike in traffic. However, there shall be no real results.

Loss of trust

If you ordered dinner from a Chinese restaurant and they made you wait over an hour to put food on the table and the food tasted bland, what would you do? You may not visit the place again because of loss of trust. The same thing applied with google. If Google finds your website content poor in quality and not helping its readers in any way, your website will lose its presence in search. Using cheap SEO services will destroy online trust very quickly, even if another company is able to get your site back on Google.

You will not build assets

Quality backlinks and content are your assets. These two take time and effort to build and are extremely valuable for a website. These two key factors help in boosting your search presence in addition to on page optimization and keyword ranking. Cheap SEO services will not be able to help you build assets due to its limitations in spending money.

No personalized approach

Cheap SEO services use standard SEO efforts across all the websites they are serving. A real estate developer, an e-commerce fashion store or a restaurant operate differently and has different needs. A cookie cutter approach will not cater to the needs of the dynamic SEO requirement. Quality agencies communicate with you, understand your requirement and curates a strategy that is suitable for your business.

Poor Experience = Poor results

A good SEO agency will have results to show. They may not have too many clients but will have dedicated enough time to their clients to bring in results. Low experience companies offer low-cost SEO because their focus is to build their client base. They work on volumes and not quality. When they work on volumes, they have less time to communicate with you.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this. SEO is important and is beneficial for any business. If done right, you will be able to reap results and the results will show for a long time. Unlike paid advertising where results stop when you end the campaign, SEO will continue giving you good results. But there are no shortcuts with SEO.  No quick results. It takes time and will help you move your website up in search, steadily. If you are looking at staying in business for the long run, choose a trusted agency who is transparent about the efforts, will work along with you, communicate effectively and shares the same vision as you do for the business. A cheap SEO route will end up being an expensive business decision for you to pay which cannot be rectified soon. If you need help with your company’s SEO, talk to us. We would be able to give you a free consultation with no obligation. Let us help you rank your website better and grow your business. Write to outreach@webmastersmelbourne.com.au today!