Have you spoken to anyone lately who don’t have a Facebook account? Most unlikely. Every individual or a business can be found on Facebook these days. Businesses create a Facebook page to launch their social media presence. They use Facebook to create and engage with their current and potential customer. Considering the no of active users on this platform, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs and businesses are trying to leverage their presence and sell their product or services.

Businesses even create Facebook pages even before they launch their product in a hope to create a teaser experience for their potential customers. You will notice a lot of coming soon pages here.

By the end of 2016, Facebook made some changes in its algorithm which made it difficult for businesses to reach their audience organically. Later they also announced a couple new ways for brands and businesses to reach their customers, the messenger app being one. With features that allowed businesses to complete purchases within an app is mind blowing and who would have thought selling could be this easy?

Until a while ago, customers could engage with a business or brand on their facebook page and ask queries.Once they are convinced and decide to make a purchase, they have to move to another site – could be a business website or product listing page with the payment option. WIth the new feature, customers do not have to go anywhere. A simple buy button can be added to the messenger and all the customer has to do is to click on it and make the purchase. Easy Peasy! Customers are taken to a checkout page where they will be able to see the total cost. Other important information such as the contact, shipping details, and payment information of customer will be pulled automatically from their Messenger profile. The customer has to set this up just one time and not worry about it later. One click on the Pay button and the purchase can be completed. Order confirmation, shipping details, and receipt of the payment are shared with the customer right here.

How do businesses get paid? The purchase made via facebook is transferred to the businesses account via Paypal or Stripe. However, this feature is being rolled out in phases and not available in Australia yet. Keep your eyes and ears open for when it happens, this is going to change the way you will do business with your customers.

While the whole process of selling via Facebook messenger will be made easy, you must be wondering how to actually use facebook with the current functionalities to sell your product or service.

How do you actually provide a good customer service experience, establish yourself as a professional business or company who is trying to provide some value your customer is looking for.

Send Private Messages

The customer is King and good customer service helps your brand to be sought after than the ones who do not invest in social customer care. Some of the biggest benefits using messenger are as follows.

Establishes you as a brand who is easily accessible

If a customer is browsing through your product and has a question, he can reach you using your messenger immediately. The traditional way of sending an email and waiting for the company to respond within 24 – 48 business hours is passé. People do not have patience and want solutions instantly. Decision making will also happen at the same pace. So why not tap into it and be reachable for your potential customer?

Another thing to note is that people may not way to post their questions for the public to see. Messenger gives a sense of privacy for them to interact with you.

When you use messenger to respond to your customers, Facebook shows how readily available you are on the page. A simple message like ‘Replied within few minutes’ makes the prospect want to reach out to you.

Provide real-time customer care

Have real-time conversations with your customers.While it is important to get your customer to convert, what is more, important is his experience doing business with you. Facebook Messenger allows you to provide real-time customer support. If customers are having an issue with their purchase, they can quickly reach you on chat. It is a better alternative than customers writing on your page for other customers to see because they want a sense of privacy too! By using messenger, you will be able to send them confirmation details, shipping info, discount vouchers, referral coupons and anything else that is related to your product.

Go and upsell

Imagine if a customer has bought a product from you, interacted with you on Messenger and has had a good customer experience so far. You have the opportunity to upsell your product or service and get them to buy from you sooner via chat. Once customers are engaged with an employee or a real person from your company who actually understand their needs, the employee is in a better position to recommend additional purchases that will b a perfect fit for that particular customer.

Handle complaints

This might be one of the top reasons why Facebook introduced the ability for businesses to privately message customers who comment on their page. One negative feedback from a customer can wipe away 10 good feedback a business may have received. When a bad review or comment is posted publicly on the online space, it is for everyone to see! Messengers help customers reach businesses privately and for businesses to address grievances quickly before it escalates to a point that can negatively affect the brand image.

Set up instant replies and greetings

Imagine a customer walking into your shop and a sales executive quickly goes there to greet him? Now you can provide a similar experience on your page. By setting up a welcome greeting, chat can instantly pop up when a customer comes on to your page.

A sense of welcome is an instant gratification and you will be starting your relationship on the right note. Every customer wants to feel that you care about them and a message asking if you can help them with anything on your page is a good start.

Share Store locations

If you are a restaurant that provides takeaways, you can use share location feature in the messenger to provide the exact location for the pickup. Location-sharing makes it easier for customers to understand where you are, and to navigate the route the way they want to. Remember, the easier it is for your customer, the more business they will do with you.

Important Note

If you can chat with someone on Facebook Messenger, you will be able to see their Facebook page. If your prospect has public settings, a lot can be learned about them from their page. You will be able to gather information such as interest, events, location age, gender and based on these understanding, you will be able to propose product or service that is suitable for them and what might pique their interest.

This is just scratching the surface! Want to tap into Facebook to get more leads and sales? Write to outreach@webmastersmelbourne.com.au and we will help you grow your business.