Pay Per Click


Paid Search & PPC Management (SEM)

Our paid search team is dedicated to building and nurturing innovative advertising campaigns that drive high 
engagement while delivering great return on investment across desktop, tablet and mobile. Our focus, passion 
and success have led us to becoming an Official Google Partner, giving us exclusive insight on industry trends 
and unlimited support from our own dedicated account manager.

Go Beyond the Click with Paid Search Performance

Paid search engine marketing (SEM) is the cornerstone of any serious digital marketing plan and continues to be a driving force of ROI. By serving targeted advertising directly to consumers when they are searching for what your business provides, PPC campaigns with Google & Bing let you find new customers and re-engage loyal ones. With managed PPC ads, you can reach potential customers just as they are ready to make a purchase, while also defending your brand against competitors looking to capture customers trying to navigate to your site.

Targeted Messaging That Drives Real Results

Paid search (PPC) is essential for generating immediate traffic from important keywords, and when done right it allows you to control the message on the results page

We hone in on your specific customer segments – how they come to the market, how they become brand-aware, and what drives them to convert – and then we deliver targeted ads that change based upon who is doing the search. Our campaigns customize based upon their location, their device, their search path – even whether they are a current customer.

Experienced PPC management expertise is critical in the hyper-competitive landscape today. You need the right agency team that will dig deeper and go well beyond the click to drive bottom line performance.

Optimize Paid Search Campaigns for Better Quality Leads & Nurture Relationships for Stronger Lifetime ROI

Acquiring the first lead or sale is just the first step towards a successful business.

You need to nurture that lead in order to create a lifetime customer with higher ROI. We understand this, so we work to tie your CRM into our PPC management platforms in order to evaluate performance on the lifetime return generated by the customers we generate, not just on cost/lead or cost/new customer. This focus invariably results in search campaigns that deliver superior performance against competitors and higher profits for our clients.